Bell Apiaries dba Honey Bell Bee Company

About Us

As a second generation Florida beekeeper, Robbie Bell of Fort Meade takes pride in the fact that his honeybees produce truly pure, natural orange blossom honey.

Light amber in color, heavy in body with the natural benefits that only honey gives, the taste and delectability of honey from Honey Bell Bee Company is renowned.

Raw orange blossom honey has more naturally-occurring enzymes and oxygen than processed honey; and the honey harvested by Honey Bell Bee Company is deliciously natural with a touch of citrus flavor.

You'll be very pleased with our 100% pure premium raw honey, fresh from the groves.


  • Pure, natural raw honey for sale
  • Crop pollination service
  • (Strawberries, Blueberries)
  • Maintenance of honey bee colonies