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Financial Planning

About Us

At Core we don’t just manage your finances, we are your core advisors in all aspects of wealth decisions. We understand that wealth extends beyond investment assets, and we will partner with you to deliver a high-touch financial advisory experience that you can trust. Everything that we do is focused on helping you develop and implement the right strategy to reach your goals in a collaborative and transparent way.

Our team provides conflict-free service that allows us to give unbiased financial advice tailored to your individual situation. We are focused on long-term relationships and we make decisions to preserve those, not to maximize short-term revenues. With your best interests at heart, our mission is to help you manage your assets wisely and stay on course to achieve your vision of financial security.

Our portfolios are designed with one thing in mind – accomplishing your goals. We believe that asset allocation is the most important decision you will make with your investments. We believe you need to understand where you are before you know where you are going. If there is confusion and clutter in your financial life we will clean it up by developing, monitoring and updating your financial plan throughout your lifetime.

Financial planning doesn’t stop once you retire, it’s just getting started. There are very specific planning opportunities with respect to the preservation and distribution phases of retirement. Taxes are a reality of life and will always be a factor to deal with. Our objective is to make sure you are only paying your fair share and nothing more. The key to successfully reducing your tax liability is being proactive and planning for tax events well before they occur.  

The financial management of the professional baseball player involves many unique and complex issues. These can range from multi-jurisdictional tax compliance and planning issues such as asset protection, wealth management and estate planning.