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Geneva Classical Academy offers a reformed, classical and Christ-centered college-preparatory curriculum with a commitment to excellence while encouraging students to develop a love of learning. 

Classical education has inspired great thinkers beginning with the Golden Age of Greece and the Roman Empire.  It influenced great kings and reformers of the Middle Ages and philosophers and artists of the Renaissance.  It galvanized the Pilgrims and our Founding Fathers in their determination to build a new government.  Today, we see the influence of classical education in every academic discipline including science, politics, mathematics, art and astronomy. 

What is classical education?  It is the process of helping students become great thinkers.

Classical education at Geneva refers to the content and the methodology of instruction. Geneva’s curriculum is classical in content, as distinguished by the integrated study of Scripture, Latin, logic, literature, philosophy and rhetoric in addition to history, mathematics, science and physical education. The school is classical in methodology, as distinguished by it’s embracing the Trivium – a three-pronged approach to the grammar, logic and rhetoric of each subject. <


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