Little Caesars



About Us

Little Caesar is a carry out pizza restaurant. We offer a large 14" cheese or pepperoni pizza hot and ready for only $5. Our dough is made fresh daily at all our locations and we focus on quality. We offer a full menu including our Supreme and 3 Meat treat pizza's and our famous cheese bread. 

In all of their business ventures, the Ilitches have remained true to their roots in Detroit. Due to their passion for their work and their hometown, the Ilitches have invested in various food, sports, entertainment and education ventures in 

the city of Detroit.



Today, the Ilitches are part of two of the most exciting teams in professional sports: the Detroit Red Wings (purchased by Mike and Marian in 1982) and the Detroit Tigers (purchased by Mike in 1992). Under Ilitch ownership, the Red Wings have won 16 divisional championships, six President’s Trophies (for the season-best record among all NHL teams), six Campbell Bowls and four Stanley Cups. The team has played post-season hockey for 25 consecutive years — the most in all of current professional sports. In 2014, ground was broken on a new home for the Red Wings, now called Little Caesars Arena, which forms the heart of The Di


  • Carry out pizza
  • Fast quality food
  • Great customer service