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Come Downtown Bartow! Wether you are shopping, dining or looking for entertainment Downtown Bartow has something for everyone!  

Did you know...

Spend $100 locally, $62 stays right in your community                                                  · Spend that same $100 in a national chain, only $42 stays in your community Spend that same $100 on-line, $0 is returned to your community

What can you do? The commitment is easy...

· Pick 3 independently owned businesses in Bartow that you wouldn't want to lose · spend $50 per month between them.

Together we can strengthen relationships that improve Bartow quality of life. So next time before you make a purchase, Think, Shop, Buy, Local (DOWNTOWN BARTOW)!



  • Community Events
  • Small Business Resources
  • Bartow Retail Incubator
  • Public Art
  • Bartow Historic Preservation
  • Small Business
  • Downtown Beautification
  • Classic Car Cruise In