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MPW Industrial Services



About Us

MPW has been North America’s leading provider of technology-based industrial cleaning services for nearly 50 years. Headquartered just outside Columbus, Ohio, MPW helps companies in power generation, steel, pulp and paper, refining, automotive and manufacturing.

Through commitment, ingenuity and engineering processes, MPW delivers innovative cleaning systems that minimize potential safety risks, achieve operating efficiencies, reduce outage downtimes and maximize performance.

MPW’s automated water jetting solutions (aka “hydroblasting services” or “hydrocleaning solutions”) include an extensive array of equipment and heads ranging from 10,000-40,000 psi. MPW preps surfaces for coating adhesives and eliminates the most resilient condenser tube deposits, while maintaining their integrity.

As a leader in the automotive support industry, MPW provides comprehensive cleaning and management of paint booth systems. Work includes booth cleaning, process labor support, fixture cleaning, robotics support, air balancing, light maintenance and inventory management.

MPW’s dry and wet industrial vacuum cleaning services safely remove, transport and dispose of nonhazardous wastes from job sites, including remote or inaccessible areas. MPW’s more than 2,000 pieces of mobile equipment remove liquids, sludge and dense materials from virtually any location.

MPW’s Industrial decontamination has been affective with highly infectious disease removal and offers the highest levels of safety and training, crews routinely remove, neutralize or destroy any harmful substance, including coronavirus

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