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About Us

Peterson Cleaners was established in 1961 at the Golden Gate Shopping Center in Bartow by John Peterson.  The business is currently owned and operated by Randy and his wife Ruth.  The business has been a Bartow fixture for 50 years.

Randy Peterson has a background in Quality Assurance and he prides himself in making quality his top priority.  In addition, Peterson Cleaners provides exceptional service, reliability and attention to detail.  Randy is always available to discuss any concerns or inquiries you may have regarding the service or restoration of your item.

At Peterson Cleaners, all garments go through a series of inspections:  both prior to and after cleaning to assure that stains are removed and that the garment is properly fininshed and is delivered ready-to-wear.  Certain stains require additional time and special procedures to remove.  Dry cleaning helps in maintaining the "like new" condition of your garment.

Your cotton dress shirts, pants or jeans are professionally laundered with your choice of starch level.   Our state-of-the-art shirt finishing technology and creased sleeves produce an excutive look.  Any broken or missing buttons are replaced.  We hand press ladies shirts resulting in smoother silks and rayons, sharper linens and cottons.


  • Dry Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Press Service