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Piano Alley offers a full line of pianos from keyboards to concert grands including the newest digital technology. We are now an authorized exclusive dealer for Kawai in the Central Florida market area. We are proud to offer the Kawai line of exceptional instruments at a competitive price. We also have pre-owned pianos and organs to fit every budget. Your initial visit to our showroom will be one of information and guidance. Generally, a piano is a one-time purchase in a lifetime, so we work with you and guide you in making the right decision.

Yes, every business needs to show a profit to continue their growth. We opened to serve you and the surrounding communities in Central Florida with a location convenient and accessible to the market area we serve.

Piano Alley is here for the sole purpose of providing the keys to your child’s future in music. We offer private instructions and group classes. Are you a senior citizen who has always wanted to play and simply want to enjoy hearing yourself progress? Try the group class and start having fun. 

Need a piano tuned, repaired or moved? Want to have granny’s antique brought up to today’s standards? We are a full-service business. 

Now you know who we are and what we have to offer. Let’s explain precisely why we exist.

“To enrich the lives of our children through music. Give them a feeling of self-esteem, and increase their math and science skills… a value they will treasure all their life. Our teaching s


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