Quality Petroleum Corporation



About Us

Bulk Fueling

We maintain a fleet of six fuel trucks. We are geared for plant and jobsite deliveries either on a "Keep Full" basis or on demand. Deliveries can be made into customer owned tanks or into tanks furnished by Smith Bros.

Our Fuel loading facility is one of the most advanced in the industry. With 100,000 gallons of in ground storage we carry enough product to make sure our customers are taken care of during any emergency and our loading rack can top load two trucks at the same time at over 200 gallons per minute.

Industrial Services

While work is being done on your system and the reservoir must be emptied we can filter and remove the oil out of the tank and provide storage for it while the work is being done and if you need your reservoir cleaned we have our confined space certification to go into the tank and clean it and then return the oil back with our filter cart after the work is completed helping you maintain the quality of the product for continued use in your system.

We can also do a loop filtration or vacuum dehydration while our system is still in operation so you will experience no down time on your unit. We use our Internorman Laser Particle counter to make sure we have your oil clean and dry. If your system cannot be shut down we can provide 24 hour on site reclamation to remove moisture and particulates from your system while you are still in operation.


  • Lubrication Specialist
  • Industrial Services
  • Bulk Fueling Program
  • Oil Reclamation Services
  • Oil Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Plant and Jobsite Delivery
  • Bulk Load Facility