S & L Restaurant



About Us

The S&L Restaurant to many is a Lakeland landmark. We have been family owned and operated for over 30 years!!!! Located at 2915 S. Combee Road Lakeland Florida ...  Look for something that resembles a box car with a huge hamburger painted on it and you have arrived!!!! Never judge a book by it's cover..... we may look like a hole in the wall diner but once you are inside... the walls are filled with SO much to look at  !!! We are best known for our BURGERS!!!! Customers ask... What makes are burgers so special???? Well... the secrets in the grill!!!!!:))) So, now that you know a little about us.... Please stop in and see us...  S&L Restaurant is where we treat you like family !!!


  • Take Out Hero delivery service
  • Call ahead ordering
  • Reserving Tables