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The Orpheum is the ambassador for the arts in Bartow.   Bolstering the efforts of local efforts to build a strong arts presence in Bartow, The Orpheum links audiences with performers, teachers with students and mentors with novices to create unique events for all ages.  We also connect civic groups and community leaders with musicians for special events. 

The Orpheum partners with local educators and Polk County Arts Administration to increase the availability of arts education for youth. Bartow Area Elementary Chorus and Lil Orphy Theatre Camp begin 2017. 

Our Theatre's mission is to give everyone the opportunity to experience the beauty of music and theatre, to nurture their own inner artist, 

and grow together as a community bound together in the arts.  


We are creating a venue unique to Central Florida:  

an intimate, cabaret style theatre that marries the art of performing with the essence of education.  Seasoned artists will thrill audiences young and old, and further engage seekers with master classes and personal guidance in performance. Promising artists of the future can unveil their talents in an encouraging environment.  Finely trained teachers will inspire a new generation of artists!

Our venue will serve as a location for rehearsals, lessons, workshops for old and young alike, opening it's doors to any looking to explore their talents.



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