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Thank you all for taking the time getting to know behind the scenes here at the Twisted Pineapple Boutique. My name is Courtney, I am the owner of TPB. I am born and raised in Florida and I am a proud wife to my husband Jesse and mom to two little girls. I started my business venture in June of 2017 after giving birth to my 2nd daughter. 

After my second pregnancy, I struggled with getting back into the groove of my own sense of fashion and style. I just didn't have time to shop and I found myself wearing boring clothes and not feeling myself. I started online shopping and struggled to find reasonably priced and good quality items. That's when I decided to take my passion to the next level and decided to open an online boutique. Whether you're a mom struggling to make time for yourself or busy career women trying to make big things happen in the world, women should never lose their own identity. The whirlwind of life sometimes leaves us women giving and forgetting about who we are. I know firsthand what its like for your body to drastically change then walk into your closet realizing nothing fits it did before. 

My goal is to inspire women of all ages and help them maintain their own style and identity by offering a variety of different trends for a reasonable price. We offer different shipping options for convenience so we can better serve you. All of our items are hand picked by me and packaged by me. I am beyond blessed with the suppor


  • Sale/ Relaxing in Plaid Cardigan
  • New Arrivals/ Boho Chick Kimono
  • Flash Sale/Denim Skirt
  • Dresses/ Legendary Maxi Dress